The Ambulance as a vehicle for special purposes represents the basic type of equipment for performing transport activities of immobile and hard-moving persons. For this purpose, we have provided a Ambulance – vehicle OPEL VIVARO of the latest generation, with a powerful 2.5 liter diesel engine of the Euro 4 standard.

This vehicle is made as an extension, and raised to a standing height. The glass on the vehicle is specialy embossed, which protects against sun and UV radiationas well from the outside view. The passenger compartment is physically and acusticaly separated from the cockpit.

The vehicle is fully equipped as a Ambulance vehicle according to the European standards, in the prestige German factory “Ambulanz mobile”. The passenger compartment is equipped with a special mobile wheel on wheels for movement outside the vehicle, which is locked in the vehicle on a factory-fitted platform. In the passenger compartment there is also a special chair for sitting and semi-lying position for the”cardio”, which has wheels for movement outside the vehicle, and which is locked in the vehicle for the floor not to move during the drive. In the passenger compartment the seat for the escort is also fixed. All seats in the vehicle are equipped with safety automatic belts. In the passenger compartment the vehicle has: a bed, a “cardio” chair and an auxiliary seat for the escort, and in the cockpit next to the driver’s seat had passenger seat.

The vehicle is regularly maintained at an authorized service, we are subject to a ten-year inspection twice a year, and we take care of hygiene, both vehicles and equipment, especially the hygiene of special linens.

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The Ambulance vehicle is equipped with an automatic air conditioner, and the passenger compartment has autonomous climate control, but also the so-called. “Webasto” heating, which allows the cab to warm up regardless of whether the engine is in operation. This feature ensures the absolute comfort of our customers during transportation and a pleasant climate environment regardless of the external climatic conditions.