About Us

In practice, transport of patients often equates with the transport of immobile and hard-moving persons. What is the difference?

The basic difference between these two types of services is in the presence of medically trained personnel. Transport of patients in the Republic of Serbia is realized by authorized institutions and institutions that are certified and primarily disposed of by trained medical personnel. The transport of immobile and hard-moving persons can also be realized by other companies, individuals and institutions that do not have permanently employed medical-trained personnel. This in no way means that immobile and hard-moving persons can not get proper treatment and care when transporting private medical supplies.

Our entrepreneurship – PR SANITAKS – we have started on the basis of personal experience with the transportation of our loved ones who are difficult to move. At that time, we noticed that the need for this type of service largely exceeded the capacities of existing entities that carry this mode of transport and who are unable to timely respond to an increasing number of calls. Also, users, immovable or poorly moving persons or their companions, when they need transportation, deserve a better service.

That’s why we decided to offer this service to everyone just as we would like for our loved ones: faster, more comfortable and safer, and above all, with much more care, attention and dignity. We are family entrepreneurship, but our crew is trained, and equipped for this specific, professional service.

We are ready to provide you with the service at any time. At any time of the day, every day of the week, throughout the year. Transportation is offered on the territory of Republic of Serbia and abroad. We are characterized by flexibility. We are open to any agreement on your special requests if the conditions permit.