Transportation with a fully equipped medical vehicle at standard prices.
Transportation with medical wehicle any time during the day, any day of the week, throughout the year, in the country and abroad.
Top quality equipment
Superior quality equipment. We use a memory foam beds for longer journeys.

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We offer medical transport services to immobile and hard-moving persons from their place of residence to the desired destination. We can transport at any time during the day, any day of the week, throughout the year, both in Serbia and abroad.

Available 24/7

At any time of the day, every day of the week, throughout the year

International transport

We transport on on the territory of the Republic of Serbia as well as in the countries of European Union and other European countries

Top quality

Top quality ambulance transportation


You can book your transportation by phone at any time of the day.


DAILY RATE 07:00 – 20:00
From 2500 RSD
  • One-way (driver and passenger) from 2500 RSD
  • Return trip (waiting up to 1 h is free of payment) from 5000 RSD
  • Night rate as well as weekend and holiday rate is increased by 40% of the daily rate

Transport on the territory of Serbia

Km 120 RSD
  • Calculated according to the mileage

International transport

Km 1
  • Calculated according to the mileage
  • 2 drivers
  • Up to 2 persons can be transported.


You can book your transport by phone or via the form on the right. Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

If the requested term is busy, we will contact you by telephone to arrange a second term. Your transport is scheduled only when you receive the final confirmation of the booking, which we will send you via e-mail or SMS.

    Date of Transportation

    Return trip

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